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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Princess Foxxy, Queen of Socks
I'm a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic artist with an interest in cute and cuddly, sometimes moving over into slightly naughty art. I have the biggest hoof fetish you've ever seen. Watch out.

Current Residence: Ponyville, Equestria
Personal Quote: "And so we beat on, boats against the current, ceaselessly drawn back into the past."


BFFs (Art Process G)
The final image, cut down, mounted on card stock, and ready to be sent to my friend! Thanks for following along!
Art Process F
Texture and shading! Now I break the colored pencils back out and add some depth to the image.

I used soft, pastel-like whites and pinks to shade in and add some depth to the body and make my beak look nice and smooth, then layered in reds, whites, grey, purples and pinks in firm Verithin markers to add texture to the image. This is my favorite part of the coloring process and I think it really has a nice final effect.
Art Process D / E
Marker time! I use mostly Primacolor markers with a few Copics thrown in. When you're working with marker you need to work quickly and start with the lightest colors and proceed to the darkest. Lots of pink in this one and I can't have it bleeding out everywhere, even if the markers tend to help keep it contained. So pink goes down first, then the vibrant colors after that has dried. 

This is where it really begins to look like something!
Art Process C
Alright, now we slap the sketch on a light board with a new piece of paper on top and start to trace lines in Verithin colored pencil. This is where I have to decide on the final details - notice the little notches in feathers and final details in the hair. I make sure to use colored pencils which are several shades darker than the marker work that will be inside them - thus the brown edges for my yellow beak, red edges for pink fuzz, etc. I use Micron markers for eyelashes.
Art Process B
Very quick 15-minute cleanup. I gently erase the whole picture, then draw in more carefully drawn versions of what I want. In this case I adjusted my face, hands, and the position of the pony's legs and thickness of her forelegs. It doesn't need to be perfect, because the real fine detail starts to come in in the next image....
Hey guys! I'm looking to pick up some extra money and would like to float the idea of commissions.

They would be in the $40 range. MLP ponies or OC only, physical media, something fairly straightforward, simple background, like this:
 Sushi by TwilightFlopple

Would anybody out there be interested in that? I accept payment through PayPal and Dwolla and I think I'm fairly friendly to work with. :) Let me know!


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