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July 31, 2012
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At Disneyland- Jungle Cruise by TwilightFlopple At Disneyland- Jungle Cruise by TwilightFlopple
Well this was fun! Usually I do lot of geometric shapes (shop interiors, etc) in my pony art, but the organic nature of the Jungle Cruise's foliage was a lot of fun to here, and quite easy.. it's all just simple brush strokes.

After using all of the Mane 6 and CMC except for Scootaloo and Fluttershy, I decided that the Enchanted Tiki Room would be ideal for Fluttershy, except for the fact that that last thing I wanted to do was try to draw the interior of the Tiki Room! If you've been, you know there's something like 100 "singing" birds in there. Jungle Cruise was pretty much the only other Disneyland option for "wild" animals to interact with, but the picture didn't really gel until I realized I could add Daring Do into the mix. Dr. Whooves is included at the request of :iconemperor-spike:, who participated in an event on my Journal in July.

I spent some time contemplating the wisdom of depicting Flutters enthusiastically reaching for an obviously dangerous animal, but ultimately the picture was more interesting with some comedic threat. Don't worry, kids, the animals on the Jungle Cruise are plastic!

In retrospect it should have been a gaping Hippo, but the croc allowed me to pay tribute to the Haunted Mansion as well and is just funnier.

Fun fact: I worked on the Jungle Cruise in Florida for about eight years!
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maxvision92 Sep 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I wouldn't be doing that that close to Schweitzer Falls, if I were her.
LyraLover92 Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I really like how you did the boat with the classic striped awnings. I kinda miss that from the actual ride.
TwilightFlopple Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah I wish they'd go with the striped awnings the next time they need to replace the boats.
Color-Clouds Jan 13, 2013  Student General Artist
I remember this ride when I was just a little bit younger, and now look we have ponies on the ride!!! :D:D great work there!
Keep doing what your doing Flopple, it's amazing ^____^
OH MY GOSH!!! PONIES AT DISNEYLAND!!!!! I don't know why for some reason, ponies at Disneyland is quickly becoming one of my favorite art subjects...maybe cuz I love art, ponies, and disneyland. Lol!
Daring Do is totally the pun-slinging Jungle Boat guide.
Fluttershy will probably die one day from attempting to make friends with the wrong animal or at the wrong time.
never smile at a crocodile
I always thought that Daring Do would fit into the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. She is like a pony version of Indy after all.
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