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September 24, 2012
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At Disneyland- Peoplemover by TwilightFlopple At Disneyland- Peoplemover by TwilightFlopple
It took me a long time to decide what Celestia and Luna would be up to at Disneyland. Riding the Omnibus? At Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln? At Club 33?

Ultimately I decided it would be funniest to see them on the Peoplemover, because the idea of the two princesses crammed into one of those little buckets was too absurd to pass up. The other three cars gave me the opportunity to include as many secondary ponies as I wished.

The Peoplemover was somewhat outside the realm I was setting for this series, in that it closed at Disneyland almost twenty years ago and I was largely trying to work with timeless, instantly recognizable images. The Peoplemover cars were repainted in the 80's to no longer sport primary colors, making this one even more of a throwback.

But I still think it was the right choice, for no other reason than it allowed me to include more of the cast and place them in a fun setting. The Peoplemover still exists at Magic Kingdom in Florida and is a great favorite of mine.

Drawing the darn vehicle was by far the hardest of these I've had to do yet, and I already simplified the design by not drawing on the door (in reality, the doors would be facing out at this moment). I didn't think anything would top the Matterhorn Bobsled for pure annoyance, but I hadn't counted on squat, annoying trapezoids at different angles in space. Ugh.

See the Disneyland Peoplemover here: [link] and enjoy!
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Stitchfan Feb 10, 2014  Student Filmographer
In my head, I hear this music…

I grew up with the TTA at Walt Disney World, but they're close cousins and I love these kinds of rides. :heart:
Thanks for the link in the pic, I found this in Google Images on another site and it helped me find your page.
Weoweno Feb 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist
amazing work mate! :D
Didney Worl? DIDNEY WORL! (I know it's Disneyland, but I couldn't resist)
Technomaru Dec 7, 2012
Would it be alright to request a pic based on my fanfic "The Twilight Sparkle Zone"... it's where Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy are on "The Twilight Sparkle Zone Tower of Terror"... months after that chapter was published my friend got me to go on the ride, so now I know how Fluttershy felt.
As always, for all the hard work I'm sure you endured, you pull these pieces off amazingly *w*
I love the idea of the Royal Sisters walking around and hanging with all the normal ponies too, I find that rather wholesome ^^ another Diz-nee masterpiece! :D
Awesome. Disneyland Fan and Annual Passholder here!

You don't mind if I try to vector this and possibly turn it into a wallpaper do you? That would be awesome. I would give full credit to you where due as well.
TwilightFlopple Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Yes, on the condition that it looks something like the Peoplemover attraction poster in the end so I can use it as a wallpaper: [link] :D
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