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May 28, 2011
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Cheer Up Pinkamina by TwilightFlopple Cheer Up Pinkamina by TwilightFlopple
Hahaha, one of my stranger flights of fancy!

After experimenting with various markers, I came to the conclusion that the only way I could achieve the subtle color variation between Mirror-Pinkie and Pinkamina Pie would be through watercolor, and I'm very happy with the results. So here it is: my very first all-watercolor MLP image! I used some ink and colored pencil to define my lines too of course. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make a mess with the paint too! I love paint splatters. ^__^

Now I have no doubt you'll be wanting to know what's going on here in a "canon" sense and simply put I don't know. The paint splatters may suggest that Pinkie's having a freak out, but it sure is a sexy one! Besides the splatters were added in later. :) Just some sexy fun with... herself. Maybe that's why that girl is always so happy!

Prang Watercolor / Prismacolor Pencils and Pens
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Pinkie/Pinkie, best pairing ever?
"Hey! That's what I said!"

Seriously though, there needs to be lots more Pinkie x Pinkie shipping. It fits her well. =P
Cantershy May 29, 2011   Photographer
you're so getting fave :3
I'm probably overthinking a picture of one-two cartoon characters making out with each other, but I love the logistics and artistic expression behind this scene. Are you sure you didn't intend this to say anything? Because I honestly think it does. Like a Zen riddle with a super-secret hidden solution.
TwilightFlopple May 29, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Read :iconfairy-slayer:'s post above, she's the only one so far to hit close to the intended emotional meaning of the image besides my desire to see Pinkie making out with herself (ie, hormonal). :)
Wonderful! I'm having trouble putting into words what vibe I'm getting it myself, honestly.

I'm just really impressed it says or is trying to say so much, it hits really very close to the whole point and meaning of art itself - that's the kind of thing you put in a museum (first tearing down the nonsense people to hang in there because they think age equals artistic expression).

Have a virtual pat on the head, you.
TwilightFlopple May 29, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well of course, images can convey things that words cannot. That's why we still look at Picasso; his pictures are more eloquent than words.

I see it this way: everypony has two sides of her personality. In Party Of One Pinkie learned what it's like when she lets her wost instincts run away with her. Sometimes all it takes is a little self reflection to remind yourself of the good in you and everyone.
Ramen to that.

In my highly professional and 100%-accurate psychoanalysis of a fictional cartoon character, the matter is a bit simpler: Pinkie Pie simply does whatever the hell she wants, without any pit-stops for self-reflection, logic or reason. You'd be worried and insulted too if your best friends started making excuses to not come to your most awesomest in the whole world party - just not as deeply as she'd be. Consequently, there's no sad Pinkie or happy Pinkie, there's just Pinkie Pinkie.

Just as there are no two sides to anyone's personality, which is what we often like to imagine when we find out something unflattering about ourselves. Like that we're completely insane and are having dinner with a sack of potatoes. Yes we are, mister potato sack, you want any more sugar in your tea?..

(There's a compliment in there somewhere in case it's been lost in translation. I mean: you're good, and this is amazing.)
Ziblink May 29, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
This is what happens when you take your medication as directed.
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